About Us

Mission Control is a consulting, training, and development firm focused on elevating organizational performance and productivity through a unique approach that generates alignment at all levels of the organization, propels individuals and groups into focused action, and dramatically increases execution. Mission Control’s innovative principles, tools, and practices redefine what’s possible in organizational performance and productivity.

The Mission Control team tailors engagements to your needs, addressing those areas that are of the most fundamental importance to you and your organization. We offer actionable methods for:

  • Impacting people’s work habits and environment
  • Enhancing the ability to focus on what’s most important
  • Elevating performance, productivity, and contribution to the organization

Clients frequently report that Mission Control’s methodologies also lead to increased satisfaction, a greater sense of work/life balance, and reduced stress.

Mission Control has worked successfully with a wide range of clients throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom – including executives and their teams in Fortune 500 corporations, and high-performing groups at government agencies.

Privately held, Mission Control was founded in 2000 and is based in Stamford, Connecticut.