Living an Extraordinary Life Workshop

Discover what is important to you and your organization, and enjoy greater focus, productivity and performance, while experiencing joy and fulfillment.

What if day-to-day you are noticeably fulfilling the items of greatest importance to you and your organization? What if you experienced being the author of what you are doing, versus being in reaction to what happens? What if you encountered fulfillment when something is finished and during the course of action? What if you were accomplishing your intentions, moment to moment, and in the process, living an extraordinary life?

What would be possible for you?

For many of us, considering what would be possible is constrained by what we are occupied with, the things with which we are confronted. We feel we are not sufficiently getting to those things that are most important. And, we often feel we are just getting by with what we get done rather than being fully satisfied with the quality of what we have produced.

Introducing Living an Extraordinary Life

This program is a breakthrough in living from, and acting on, and experiencing fulfillment in what really matters to you and your organization.

We all seem to share common themes around what’s important to us: family, security, work, relationships, etc. However, knowing these themes has limited impact on us taking the actions that undeniably fulfill what’s important and fulfill ourselves.

Achieving a new clarity regarding those items of fundamental importance to us – expressing what is authentic, unique and inspiring – makes a profound difference in what we do and in our experience. In this program you will discover what that is for you, and create the day-to-day actions to fulfill on exactly what matters most.

Out of this program you will:

  • Discover for yourself a new insight into what is truly meaningful to you – those areas of importance that make up the essence of who you are.
  • Take the right actions that fulfill what is important to you rather than merely reacting to circumstances.
  • Experience being enlivened, energized and free in what you are doing, moment to moment to moment.
  • Be in action in a way that has you living an extraordinary life.