Productivity & Accomplishment: Live Online Course


Want to save between 2 to 6 hours a week on your ever-increasing to-do list? How about reducing time in meetings by 30%? Or would you rather see your sales conversion increase by 70%, or customer satisfaction increase by 40%?

These are just some of the results clients have reported after taking part in our ground-breaking program, Productivity and Accomplishment™.  Mission Control Productivity will be offering this program as a series of live webinars starting in October.

As a participant in the Productivity & Accomplishment™ program, you will walk away with the tools and practices that will enable you to catapult not only your individual productivity, but also your organization’s performance. You will also learn to balance the demands of work and your personal commitments so you are always getting complete what is most important to you. In fact, our promise to you is that you will be left with an entirely new perspective of what it takes to be productive.

Details & Registration

The program is delivered in a series of eight 90-minute live sessions and between-session assignments and practices. Recordings will be available for review during and after the program.

Session 1: Friday, October 14
Session 2: Thursday, October 20
Session 3: Friday, October 28
Session 4: Friday, November 4
Session 5: Friday, November 11
Session 6: Friday, November 18
Session 7: Friday, December 2
Session 8: Friday, December 9
All sessions are 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST

Program Fee: $995.00 US

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s how participants describe the program:

“Since taking Productivity & Accomplishment, I’ve had a 100% increase in productivity. I now have control over my work and I’m working on the things that truly make a difference for my company. And, my peace of mind has increased because I am able to be truthful about when things are going to be done. Now if I say it is going to be done, it’s done. It’s priceless.”
Debbie Hyde-Duby, President, Pearl VisionCare, Inc.a subsidiary of Cole National

“I’m a single parent, working full time – so juggling work, home and my social life placed me on a treadmill that left me unfulfilled, drained and powerless. I could not see how else to live my life. Taking this course showed me that there was another way to live and work. I am now relaxed, confident and in control.”
Norman Vasquez, Human Resources Consultant and Contract Negotiator, PSE&G

Be immediately more productive with new perspectives, tools and practices

In the program, you become aware of the unseen self-imposed limitations to your own productivity and performance. You are equipped with new perspectives and learn how to build new work habits for dealing powerfully with the flood of tasks, activities, challenges, and opportunities that come at you daily. These new perspectives and work habits will leave you more focused, confident, and effective.

You will also get six new tools with accompanying work practices that can be implemented in both your work and personal life. The tools and your new work habits combine to create a reliable system for managing everything you have to do and handle with power and freedom. Using the system, you’ll be able to focus completely on what is in front of you, bringing all of your intelligence, creativity, and natural ability to your work.